If there’s one thing that newly married couples know to be true, it’s that your wedding day goes by in a flash. There is so much planning that goes into this big day, which makes it next to impossible to think of everything.

Fortunately, you can always learn from the couples who have come before you.

Your wedding photos are an incredibly important aspect of your day and they’re not something that you want to wrong.

Here are 6 of the most common regrets that couples have about their wedding photography.

1. Not Booking Enough Hours. Too many couples think that they’ll be able to get all the shots they need in 6 hours, only to realize how quickly those hours rush past on the day. Discuss your expectations and ideas with wedding photographer ahead of time so that they can give you an accurate estimate before you choose a photography package.

2. Not doing a first look. You don’t quite realize how special that first look is until you do it. It’s not until their wedding day arrives that countless couples realize how special it would’ve been to share a private moment with their partner before they joined their guests for the I Dos. Think carefully about whether or not you want a first look before you make a decision.

3. Not adding a second photographer. There are so many happy moments taking place all at once on your day and your photographer can only be in one place at a time. Think about your ceremony for one. You may want your photographer to capture you walking down the aisle but this means that you might miss the chance to capture your partner’s face when he/she sees you for the first time. Paying a little extra for a second wedding photographer is well worth it.

4. Being too stressed about photos. Too many brides realized that they were so stressed about capturing all the right moments on the day that they didn’t get to enjoy half of them. The secret is to communicate clearly with your photographer ahead of time and to let them take the reins on the day. The memories that you make on the day will be far more important than making sure you have a photo of those moments. Let your photographer do their job – you won’t be disappointed.

5. Not using family heirlooms. Weddings are a wonderful time to bring your family and your history into the picture and many couples wished they had incorporated more family heirlooms into their shots on the day. If a family member is no longer around or you simply want to bring something special into some of your shots, family heirlooms are a great idea.

6. Not hiring a professional photographer. Too many couples really convince themselves that hiring a friend or family member to capture their day will be good enough and that the photos aren’t as important to them, only to realize afterward that they are. You will never regret hiring a professional photographer to capture your wedding day. This is a moment in time that you will never get back again so make sure you can look back on it years from now.

Nobody wants to have regrets after their wedding day, especially about something as important as photos, so take these lessons and make sure that you get to capture all the of important parts of your special day.